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  Official Statement from Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone: City Council's Approval Vote on $1.6 Billion SFC Project
Yonkers, N.Y. (October 8, 2008) -- The following is an official statement from Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone regarding Tuesday's vote by the Yonkers City Coucil to grant the first of several key approvals to the $1.6 billion SFC downtown revitalization project.

"Last night the City Council took a critical and necessary step toward continuing the revitalization of downtown Yonkers by adopting the final environmental impact statement for Phase 1 of the SFC project, the most important urban renewal program in our city's history. I want to commend the bipartisan coalition of councilmembers who recognized the need act quickly in order to move Yonkers forward.

"I also want to acknowledge the dozens of business, civic and labor leaders as well as the many Yonkers residents who have come out time and again in favor of this project. Their unwavering support of this and other key economic development initiatives is reflective of the vast majority Yonkers residents who want to see their city continue to grow and prosper. I encourage their continued activism.

"But even as we have reached a significant milestone, we must recognize that more work is ahead of us. The City Council must continue to work diligently toward final approval of the SFC project. We must also acknowledge that dire economic conditions and tightening financial markets only add to the urgency of the approval timeline. To this end, my administration will work tirelessly to ensure that this landmark project moves forward for the good of our city and our residents, in the same spirit of cooperation that was displayed by the City Council with last night's key approval."

-Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone

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