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    River Park Center
The Saw Mill River at River Park Center stretches from Elm Street to New Main Street, wrapping the site for a distance of approximately 1,100 linear feet. As a part of the Phase I, the Saw Mill River will be reconfigured and daylighted, creating a continuous open riverwalk. The riverwalk will be landscaped to include pedestrian pathways, places to rest and view the river, overlooks and steps, and bridges to connect the two sides of the river. The riverwalk will be a publicly accessible space (subject to easements of public access and use) with multiple points of access along its traverse.

Larkin Plaza
The City of Yonkers is planning public improvements at Larkin Plaza, including the daylighting of the Saw Mill River and the expansion of the existing public park. The new park would have sidewalks along its street edges, and curving walkways that follow the path of the river to allow for greater public connection with the daylighted river, which would be approximately 800 linear feet of the Saw Mill River from Warburton Avenue to Buena Vista Avenue.